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SAP Business One Support

SAP Business One Support

At Sanchit Technologies we believe that prompt and effective service and support are essential elements of a complete business solution and are critical to the long-term satisfaction of its customers. That's why we offer comprehensive support to each client in a number of ways. We provide the following support for your business system, your computer system and your internet requirements.

Help Desk Call Center

The Sanchit Technologies Help Desk provides assistance with day to day operational matters relating your business software and system and enables you to keep your business and computer system functional. Our consultants provide timely and expert help desk services, with a personalized level of detail that is second to none.

The Sanchit Technologies Help Desk is permanently staffed by expert business system support analysts. Our dedicated analysts have the experience and the resources to provide you with a superior level of Help Desk Support, to keep your business running smoothly. All Help Desk calls are logged on our Support Software to enable each call to be tracked and managed to provide an expedient solution. In addition, our software records a history of your support calls to assist in providing you better timely support.

Help Desk Web Based Support

At Sanchit Technologies we understand the importance of receiving timely support when you have a system issue, that's why we not only have phone support help but also online support. This internet based support system ensures that even if our help desk consultants are busy on the phone your query will still be attended to.


Our training courses aim to transfer our knowledge to you, the client, so you can obtain the maximum value from the products and services. Training courses are conducted by one of our highly trained and certified solution consultants either at one of our in house training facilities or at your offices. At Sanchit Technologies, we assess your training requirements both in regards to the existing skills of your staff and your business requirements to ensure you receive the full value from your business solution and computer system.

User Group Meetings

Our clients are invited to attend regular complementary user group meetings where they gain knowledge of new products and features, tips and tricks to help them run their system more smoothly, learn how to maximize the use of their solutions and share experiences with their peers.

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