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Project Rescue / Project Turnaround

Implementations of enterprise-wide initiatives that do not consider critical business issues, or do not tie processes to technology, can often lead to projects that fail.

Reasons for project failures range from inappropriate project goals, to poor project management, to incongruent process designs, to mis-configured and improperly implemented systems. Sanchit has extensive experience "rescuing" these types of projects.

Sanchit applies a 3-step approach to its Project Turnaround activities:

  • Resolve the current crisis - A "SWAT" team is dispatched to quickly analyze and identify the most critical issues and their root causes, followed by the identification of the solutions and required resources needed to rectify the business crisis.

  • Stabilize the operations - Working in lock-step with the client, Sanchit performs necessary software reconfiguration to match business processes.

  • Optimize the system - Once the immediate business crisis is rectified and the operations are stabilized, the team works to optimize and continuously improve the system using best practices, as well as mutually-agreed upon key performance indicators and business metrics.

"I have concerns about completing an existing project successfully. What should I do?".Contact Sanchit today!

In addition to helping rescue your project, we also offer forensic consulting to diagnose project mistakes, and to support litigation, arbitration and mediation.

To see how we can help you reap your expected benefits, Contact Sanchit today!

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