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Managed IT Services  

Sanchit's offers a broad range of Managed IT Services. These services are designed to help organizations focus on their core competencies by outsourcing all or some of their IT implementation, maintenance and/or support.

Sanchit has assisted clients across a wide range of industries, including Manufacturing/Distribution, Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, High-Tech, and the Non-Profit sector.

Sanchit is widely recognized for its depth of operational and management expertise. Sanchit leverages the industry experience of our staff (including former CIO's) -- along with the expertise of selected service partners -- to develop a secure, scaleable and reliable support services model. Location- and platform-independent, Sanchit's model is customized to each customer's unique service level requirements and seamlessly integrates with internal support teams.

Sanchit offers three levels of Managed IT Services:

  • Application Management Services Starting at the application level, Sanchit offers break/fix support, implementation of vendor patches, performance tuning, database administration, enhancements, integration support, documentation and functional user support for most packaged, enhanced and custom applications.

  • Infrastructure Management Services Sanchit provides technical services for support of the IT infrastructure including solution monitoring, help desk, technical response, backup/recovery, security services, asset management, storage management, load balancing, hosting facilities, "burstable" bandwidth and other services as may be needed to guarantee application availability, performance and security.

  • Turnkey Outsourcing For customers requiring turnkey support solutions, Sanchit offers complete outsourcing of either an application or the outsourcing of the entire IT support infrastructure for a cost effective alternative to IBM, EDS and other outsourcing providers.

Sanchit also offers supplemental support to free up or reduce existing support personnel. By taking advantage of Sanchit's supplemental support, companies can avoid the challenges of skill currency, resource utilization, and staff retention for critical skills needed to support and protect their IT.

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