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Internet Bandwidth solution is a cost-effective premium bandwidth offering, designed to cater to the critical requirements of enterprise customers. Business users trust bandwidth for running critical applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM),
Dealer Management System (DMS), Reservations etc.

High uptime, network availability and redundant backbone enable us to cater to our customers’ desired service levels. Our bandwidth offerings enable enterprises to access the required resources on the world wide web, as well as interconnect offices, customer & partner sites across the world.

Internet Bandwidth Featuring :

  • High network uptime and availability guarantees

  • Network Reliability

  • Robust core and access network

  • Latency commitments

  • Multiple peering arrangements

  • Instant Scalability options

  • Hybrid last mile options on wireless and wire line

Internet Bandwidth Featuring :

  • Network Availability: 99% to 99.6%

  • Packet Loss: Less than 1%

  • Robust core and access network

  • Round Trip Delay / Latency: Ranges FROM 200 ms to 350 ms (Depends on locations and routers taken)

  • A bandwidth solution can be designed to meet customer-specific latency requirements

Trust The Leader With Unmatched Infrastructure:

Internet Bandwidth Solution is delivered through widespread state of the art infrastructure:

  • Fully meshed DS 3 / STM 1 domestic backbone network, with redundant DS 3 / STM 1links between core PoPs (Point of Presence)

  • Carrier Agnostic: Bandwidth Capacity leased from multiple carriers to make a multi-homing network

  • Multiple POPs with in  cities to increase wireless penetration simplifying customer connectivity

  • 24 x 7  365 customer support across all locations

  • Last mile connectivity options of leased line and wireless broadband (WBB)


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