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Enterprise Education Outsourcing (EEO)  

Enterprise Education Outsourcing (EEO) makes training and educating your employees and customers easier, cheaper and more effective.

As costs of managing and implementing new-hire training, continuing education and product training continue to increase, organizations of all sizes need to find cost­-conscious methods for ensuring the success of their employees and customers.

Sanchit’s approach immediately supports your efforts to:

  • Manage and track competencies for certification and compliance

  • Streamline the registration process for continuing education

  • Improve attendance tracking and provide a centralized record for reporting that will maximize the utilization of government grants

  • Decrease travel expenses and “down” time spent for training events

  • Provide “just in time” reference and training to support IT system installations, patches and repairs

  • Capture, formalize and share knowledge throughout the enterprise

  • Make learning available anywhere to reach employees and customers in geographically dispersed locations world-wide

EEO is a scalable, outsourcing solution that makes learning management available to your enterprise through a single, Internet platform. This approach eliminates your need to invest in licenses, servers, support staff or other resources – resulting in a reduction of your infrastructure costs while improving service levels.

This solution combines Learning Management, Content Management and Operations & Hosting to provide “turn-key” training and education.

Using Sanchit’s approach, your organization can increase the productivity and efficiency associated with learning, educe management costs, and shorten-time-to market, by managing your registration, planning scheduling, delivery, resource allocation and outcomes of your enterprise learning activities. The EEO grows with your needs to support a broad range of services including training course development, content management, change management and employee and customer driven.

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