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Sanchit is a company with our headquarters in New Delhi, India. Our field professionals live throughout the country and travel to the client sites Monday through Friday.

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Sanchit prides itself on hiring candidates who have a wide range of backgrounds, but share the goal of attaining success. Sanchit is an organization that thrives on the high energy of experienced, entrepreneurial employees.

For that reason, Sanchit looks for people who:

  • Demonstrate the ability to think and act proactively

  • Work well with little or no direction

  • Possess a high level of industry or technology experience

  • Display high energy and an upbeat personality

  • Focus on excellence and customer satisfaction as their top priorities

In return, the company offers a competitive compensation and benefits package that commences on an employee's first day with Sanchit. Benefits include medical, dental, and vision coverage; life insurance; business travel accident insurance; group legal assistance; short-term and long-term disability; flexible spending accounts; an employee assistance program; tuition reimbursement; vacation time; stock options; 401(K); and an employee stock purchase program.

The company seeks to maintain its reputation as an outstanding employer and to ensure high levels of employee motivation and commitment. It is Sanchit's policy to value and treat applicants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, sexual preference, marital status, handicap, disability or veteran status. Equal opportunity is one of the company's most firm and basic beliefs.

Sanchit's Culture

People are Sanchit’s greatest asset. Our employees are among the best and the brightest the industry has to offer. Sanchit’s innovative approach and creative staff exceed the competition in providing the highest level of leadership on client engagements. On average, Sanchit’s experienced professionals have 15 years of experience – 9 years of "real-world" industry experience and 6 years in consulting.

Our employees come from every conceivable background – academia, manufacturing, retail, public sector, education, pharmaceuticals, financial services, professional services, and on and on. Sanchit professionals have the backgrounds to go into a client site and instantly gain the trust and respect of the client. We have been in their shoes. Our professionals aren’t a "bunch of suits" coming in to tell a client how to change; rather, we partner with our clients to facilitate change by helping to lead them to the best solution. Our focus is knowledge transfer and teamwork, providing the client with ownership for the project by working hand-in-hand with its team members over the full project lifecycle.

Sanchit is a recognized leader in offering full-service solutions by offering a unique blend of technology, operations, and business expertise to our clientele. We provide our clients with smaller, focused teams of experienced professionals that can solve problems quickly and effectively. To ensure we maintain that approach, Sanchit employees – at all levels – are committed to serving our clients needs. From our most recent hire to our most tenured employee, everyone understands the importance of making our clients successful. From the early stages of the sales process to providing quality assurance on a deliverable, all of our employees focus on flawless execution of our services.

What To Expect

Life at Sanchit is energetic and challenging. We strive to maintain an industry reputation of a no-fluff, hard-working consultants. We look for employees who are motivated, innovative, and require little direction to succeed. We pride ourselves on being a lean and efficient organization. To that end, our recruiting process is designed to identify individuals whose skill set complements our existing personnel and whose personality aligns with our goals.

Upon joining Sanchit, new employees receive an orientation to our history, our vision and goals, and the essentials on being successful in their career at Sanchit. New employees can also expect rapid immersion into their practice area: essentially, we put your skills to the test the first moment possible. Often, in larger organizations, it can take some time for a new employee to find their place within an organization. Not at Sanchit. Today’s economic environment demands that we know how you can contribute immediately and employ your skills quickly.

The exciting opportunities currently available at Sanchit are a click away! Please review Sanchit's current openings to see if there is a match with your skills and abilities.

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