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Business Issues  

Sanchit offers Business Capability Assessments to address some of today's most pressing business issues.

Each of these assessments can typically be performed in 2-4 weeks and provide:

  • A scorecard comparing applicable process and metrics against industry best practices
    A prioritized list of opportunities

  • A rough ROI/Business Case

  • A plan of attack to move forward

Our research indicates that the questions listed below represent the most common, critical business issues facing leading organizations today.

Select the question(s) below that best align with your urgent business issue (s) to learn how Sanchit can help your organization:

  1. "Through acquisitions and/or past growth practices, I have ended up with disparate organizations - How should I consolidate my business processes and IT infrastructure to become an integrated organization?"

  2. "How can I reduce the span time and costs associated with introducing new products and services?"

  3. "How can I manage my customer activities more efficiently - Can I improve services levels and revenue while reducing cost of sales and cost of service?"

  4. "How can I provide completely customized products and services to my customers without breaking the bank?"

  5. "I have many partners and suppliers involved in the manufacturing of my products - What can I do to improve on-time delivery to my customers?"

  6. "Post-purchase service and spare parts are becoming a significant part of my business - How can I increase service levels, and improve the profitability of my service parts business?"

  7. "My IT infrastructure costs are significant - How can I better manage these costs while improving IT's overall support of my business activities?"

Sanchit helps clients gain access to the right information in a format that business users can understand and use. To see how we can help you convert raw data into actionable "business intelligence", contact Sanchit.

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