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Business Intelligence (BI)  

Today's economy, coupled with advances in technology, enable businesses of all sizes to capture immense amounts of customer, partner and employee information.

Even though many organizations make great strides in developing systems to capture data, they still face the daunting task of turning that information into intelligence ... Business Intelligence.

By leveraging today's business intelligence technologies, companies can convert raw data into information that can address critical business issues, such as:

  • Customer Retention and Satisfaction

  • Financial and Profitability Analysis

  • Fraud and Risk Management

  • Supply-Chain Operations and Supplier Optimization

  • Effective Campaign Management

  • Spend Management and Optimization

Not only does Sanchit have partnerships with all of the major ERP vendors (and we are familiar with their various BI tools), we also have experience with many of the leading "point-solution" BI vendors. Sanchit provides comprehensive business intelligence solutions including:

  • Assessments of business drivers and technology gap analysis

  • Identification of enterprise integration points

  • Definition of enterprise and Web strategies

  • Transformation and cleansing of data

  • Implementation of a scalable data warehouse

  • Implementation of various data mining tools

Sanchit helps clients gain access to the right information in a format that business users can understand and use. To see how we can help you convert raw data into actionable "business intelligence", contact Sanchit.

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